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    Joely Spencer Ph.D., LMFT

    Welcome to South Florida Therapy Solutions! I’m glad you found me –

    I am here to help!

    My name is Dr. Joely Spencer and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the State of Florida. I currently work with clients all across Broward County into Miami. I work with multiple demographics including individuals and couples with neurodiverse backgrounds to include autism and ADHD, LGBT families, couples, and individuals who all too often struggle in silence, and individuals and couples experiencing grief and loss, and those with relationship struggles stemming from infidelity and divorce.

    It is my philosophy that clients reach out to therapists when they are ready. The bigger issue is that many need to talk to someone but because of negative past experiences, cultural barriers, or overall fear of disclosing personal information, people are hesitant to reach out for help.

    I work with clients through a blend of therapies, and most commonly, a solution focused perspective. This means that in listening, I look for exceptions to problems and highlight things that are going well in a client’s life instead of just listening to problems commonly faced. I feel as though too often, we only focus on the negative and get stuck in maladaptive interactional cycles that we can’t get out of without someone with experience in this arena to help. By paying attention to what other things are going well, clients are afforded a sense of hopeful light in sometimes a very dark place.

    As we know, not all clients are the same. Nor are therapists. I pride myself on my work in my ability to connect with people on a different level and offer them something most other therapists can’t offer. I look forward to speaking with you soon!