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    Family Therapy

    Our family directly and indirectly affects who we are and who we become. We learn our vocabulary, our habits, our customs and rituals, and how to view and observe the world around us through intergenerational patterns passed down through our family over the years as well as what we have picked up from the social world around us.

    Common reasons for seeking family therapy include:

    • Infidelity, divorce, breakups
    • Maladaptive interactional patterns due to skewed communication between partners, families
    • Inability to communicate with parents, siblings, or other family members
    • Parent-child conflict
    • Conflictual struggles between siblings
    • Domestic violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse
    • The unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member

    Family therapy is necessary to address family issues and help to heal a family’s wounds and can be beneficial on many different levels. Studies show that family therapy is particularly important for families with members who struggle with substance abuse, eating disorders and other behavioral issues. It is shown that when the whole family grows, each member also grows. It is important to remember than all change begins with small shifts, starting with you.

    Some positive family therapy outcomes are:

    • Strategies to develop and maintain healthy boundaries
    • Fostered sense of cohesion and communication among family members with reduction in maladaptive patterns
    • Promoting problem-solving through an understanding of family patterns and dynamics
    • Building empathy and understanding through better listening and understanding
    • Reduction in family conflict through improved communication

    If any of the above scenarios resonate with your family, consider seeking family therapy.

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